Thursday, January 26, 2012

Try, Try Again!

You know when life throws a lemon in your face resulting in your eyes stinging, your vision going, and you being unable to do anything for a little while till the acidity is flushed out? Well, that is apparently what happened to me this morning when I tried to do the Spain application and thought that they were no longer accepting them. I'm still not sure what I did to get the disheartening message that I did, but I was completely wrong. What I was trying to do was to start a new application, when all I needed to do was "Acesso" (access) the one I had already begun. (I mean, DUH! But really, if you were going through the process, you would surely not be thinking that I'm as big of a dumb arse as you are right now.;)

A.D.D. Drift/Back Story: While I was studying abroad I became good friends with a girl from North Dakota named Megan. She graduated last spring, and moved back to Spain in the summer to be a teaching assistant through NALCAS. She is the one who told me about the opportunity and sparked my initial interest in the whole thing, and the one who has answered my multitude of questions throughout my elongated application process. Pretty much, without her, I would be a lost infant crawling around the busy streets of NYC. (Big ups and thanks to my girl Meg!)

Upon sharing the link to my last post, Disaster Strikes, she commented on the fact that it was a bummer that I couldn't apply, but that she was a little surprised it was even closed. So I went back on the dreadful website and decided I would play around a little bit more. Now, my comprehension level of Spanish is embarrassingly low considering I lived there for nine months, but luckily my reading abilities are a bit better, and my curiosity and no-problem-just-clicking-any-button-attitude are unwavering. (Not to mention that Google translate can be surprisingly accurate/give you just enough to figure out what is being said.;) After pushing some random buttons whose meanings I vaguely understood (ok, more than vaguely considering that "acesso" is pretty much identical to "access"), and clicking around a bit more, I realized that I had simply been pushing the wrong "mystery buttons" all along!

Bottom-line: I HAVE COMPLETED MY APPLICATION!!! :D :D :D I have proven to be good on my word, and completed a MAJOR task that I have been wanting, needing, and intending to do for the last 2 1/2 months! Man, it feels great!

And now that I've done that, I am realizing that I think my disappointment in "not being able to apply" before was more in the fact that I didn't complete something I had been saying I would. I am continuously making plans that either fall through or never happen, so it's very nice to know that's not as much of a habit as I had once thought. Now I just wait till approximately May to see if I have been accepted or not. Prayers and support are appreciated and welcome!

This photo is to represent that no matter how dark it is or seems to be, the sun will always come up!

Today's SECOND Quote is a passage that comes from a daily devotional book that I have. I know that you might not all be religious, or even give a darn about anything of the sort, but no matter what you believe, there's a part of this passage rings true in everyone's lives and is a good reminder.

"Give up the illusion that you deserve a problem-free life. Part of you is still hungering for the resolution of all difficulties. This is a false hope! As I told My disciples, in the world you will have trouble. Link your hope not to problem solving in this life but to the promise of an eternity of problem-free life in heaven." -Sarah Young's Jesus Calling (p 27)

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