Monday, January 9, 2012

The Waiting Room

Four words for you: Doctor's office waiting room OR three: pharmacy waiting room.

My definition: A gathering place for people with an assortment of ailments, all waiting to be seen, treated, and helped. They all tend to have the same looks on their faces, that vary from "I am on my death bed," to "Hurry up and get me the hell out of here," to "This is so boring," and my personal favorite and most sported, "Wow, this shiz on the tv is so weird."

Currently I am entertained by what I assume to be one of the Homeward Bound movies, and can't help but think who their audience is. I am not in pediatrics, I graduated from that segment a couple years ago, thank you very much! ;) And as interested as I am in finding out if Otis will find food to take back to Sonja and their newborn pups (he just did, thank goodness)....ah to heck with it, I am highly entertained and interested in this movie. And there you have it, a true depiction of my ever, and easily, changing mind.

Now to get back on track...

One thing I love about the waiting room is the constant reminder it brings of hope and equality. There are people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and education levels here. We are all in the same, imperfect condition as the stranger next to us. All waiting to make the slightest improvement to ourselves through the use of medical attention and care, and all reliant of medication to help us "feel better."

Another thing I enjoy is the mystery of it all. I could be in a room with someone who had just been told they've only got a week left, a person with bipolar disorder, someone with the common cold, or a person who's just had reconstructive surgery on their butt. It's quite thrilling to sit and wonder why each person is here.

There's the elderly woman whose eyes don't leave the screen where names are posted when the refills are ready, the elderly man with his outstretched legs, tapping with vigor as he awaits what comes next, the tiny child who runs around yelling, bored out of their mind and wanting nothing more than to use the chairs as a jungle gym, and all the others. Quite an eclectic setting.

Me, myself, and I are here waiting for a refill on one of my inhalers, my asthma pill, and my most recent prescription (like, 20 min ago recent), for this horribly unattractive mess that has taken over my upper back. Gross right? But not to fear, with 5 weeks of a special body shampoo it will be gone! And I'm sure some of you are even wondering why I would share such a thing, and to that the answer is fairly simple. I vowed to always be honest with you, and I want this blog to really be a reflection on my life. After all, it's called A.D.D. Adventures, and this shiz on my back is definitely an adventure!

If you are ever feeling a little down, like you just aren't cute enough, or this or that is wrong with you and it sucks, just remember that no one is perfect. There will always be someone out there with a problem worse than yours, in a situation far more disheartening than you (not referring to myself and my Tinea Versicolor). Keep your head up, because when you're down, the only place left to go is up!

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