Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get It Together

Some people really need to take a step back, look at themselves and their lives, and get it the eff together. I'm not saying that I am the most together person ever, I am fairly far from it, but I absolutely have it more together than a lot of other people out there.

Prime example: People experimenting with Bath Salts. I still think that these people are just crushing up bath salts that you use for the tub and snorting them, but am pretty sure that's not what's going on, and considering my current mental state (dead and empty), am far too lazy to look further into it. But to get on with my point, people that have heard about what is happening to other people that use this drug, and still decide to try it out are out of their dang minds! I am all about zombies and truly do believe that a zombie apocalypse will be taking place sometime in the future, but I have no real interest in eating another person's face off. To know the affects of trying such a drug, but choosing to do it anyways is a sign that that person is completely off their rocker in the first place. I would be terrified to turn into someone that breaks out of restraints, needs five cops to hold me down, and noms on another human being, but hey, to each their own...I guess.

Another example: People who build up thousands upon thousands of dollars of credit card debt. I have one credit card that pretty much has a nonexistent limit (in the sense that it's so small that the card might as well not exist), and am fully aware that that's all I can handle. Some people think that they should have 10 credit cards, and max them out 24/7. I don't understand people who don't live within their means. If you don't have the money, don't buy stuff, duh. Don't run around planning on paying it off in the future if your past has never given you any indication that that will end up happening. Face the facts and skip buying a $350 purse when you can't even afford to pay your phone bill. Maybe it's just because food is one of my main concerns and focuses in life, but I would rather know I have money for a next meal v. a new wallet to carry around my debt in.

Currently, I would categorize myself as someone who "needs to get it together." I am actually a zombie right now due to sleep deprivation. My brain is revolting against anything that requires thought, processing, moving, or speaking, which means this post is over.

Today's Thought: Analyze your life. Find where you need improvement, and make it your goal to work on it and see improvement by the end of the summer. I will be working on fitness over the summer, and have made it my goal to be able to run/jog the full circle of Runyon Canyon twice by the time August ends. That is my physical goal. Personality goal: Don't be afraid to speak my mind and say what I feel. I had made it my new year's resolution not to hold back, and have started to back-slide a bit. Time to take back control!

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