Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook -- Money Hungry

I am so tired of companies and people putting all their energy into making money. When did people stop caring about other people and start caring only about making a pretty penny? It's a total load of crap, I think, when most companies say they are doing things "for the people," or "in the best interest of our customers." I bet my bottom dollar (which after this move, is more like 52 cents) that somewhere in there they are getting a HUGE payday for whatever "good-for-the-people" decision they're making.

Facebook is my prime example. Do you REALLY NEED TO MAKE MORE MONEY!?! Do you really need to provide kids under 13-years old the capability to access all the crap, creeps, and freaks out there more than they already have at their typing little tips!? What happened to the good 'ol Facebook days when it was just for college students, or even when it was for college students and above? Granted, I made my account when I was a senior in high school, but it was because I was going to be going to college in the coming months. Now, my grandmother, pastor, cousins, people's pets, and little kids are running around in this cyber world for adults -- it's insanity!

There is so much crap out there on the Net for people to access, and kids these days have it hard enough growing up with all these societal pressures they're under, does Facebook really need to add to it? An online personality is generally a fake personality. It's a space where you have total control of the content that you put out and that others see about you. You can create yourself however you want to be -- touch up your photos so you look perfect, figure out just what you want to say, and how, so it can be perceived by your readers, and for crying out loud, in the "About Me" section, how often do you read things like, "lazy," "rude," "inconsiderate," or any other negative attribute? We only highlight our benefits, completely ignoring all the shitty things about ourselves.

If Facebook opens up its cyber-doors to under 13's, not only will they have the pressure to conform to all the images that society wants it to, but they will have to worry about their online image as well. That is way too much pressure for someone to deal with, especially someone who has puberty right around the corner -- my goodness, that's pressure enough!

The bottom-line is this: Facebook, you already monopolize the social media world as it is, and just because going public[ly traded] turned out to be a total backfire, doesn't mean that you should try and compensate by opening your distracting service to everyone and their mother (literally, and grandmother, and pets, and dead relatives). Let's take things back to what they're really about, loving one another and taking care of one another, not polluting one another's lives with more garbage than necessary.

Okay? Thanks.

Today's Thought: Is unnecessary considering this whole post was one.

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