Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Money Sucks

I am so tired of money running the world, and of Pinterest for making me increasingly aware of all the goodies that are out there, but that I can in no way afford now, or likely anytime in the next 20 years. I realize that I should be a bit more optimistic about it, but when the price tag for a pair of heels is pushing $1,500, I must be a realist.


Money really does suck. It deprives people of the things they really need in life, such as food, water, and a coat in the winter and education, and the things a lot of people really want in life, such as to travel the world, look fashionable and chic, and be able to ditch the day job and hit the road to helping other people. (Not that this is in essence a description of me or anything, never!) Why can't we go back to the good ol' days when people traded and bartered in order to get what they needed and wanted? You know, I want your daughter, so here is my fattest pig, I would like some fresh water to drink, so here is a corn on the cob, and the best (I think) something like, I would like a bit of loin cloth to cover my genitals, so here is a beautiful flower headdress. I am well aware of the face that different materials and products possess different value so trading a Ferrari for a sandwich won't exactly be a fair trade, but the basic things that we all generally use and need on a daily basis should absolutely have some sort of trade value.

I am going to start a commune. It will be clothing optional, located near hot springs for swimming, mountains for climbing, and require no money. We will grow our own crops, fish from the nearby lake, and have a natural fresh water source that we can access. Cows, pigs, and chickens will be welcome, but as pets, not food, or means of trade for like a Boston Cream Pie that the city next door might have, since we certainly won't have ovens. Yes, it seems a bit far-fetched, but I am certain that my future holds a period of time in which I will live in this way. You can either join me, or stay away with your filthy pollution and greedy ways! ;)

Today's Thought: Not a thought, just mere curiosity... I sit here pouring my soul out to all of you (there are all of you, right? hmm..), but rarely have anyone that comments back. But now that I have described to you my future commune (remember, you're welcome to join as long as your are a peaceful, loving, and positive creature), I would like to know a little about your perfect world. What would it involve?

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