Friday, June 22, 2012

Showing Some Love

So I have been discovering more and more lately blogs that I absolutely love and draw serious inspiration from in life, love, style, and thinking. I thought that I would pay respect to these blogging geniuses by linking their blogs onto a post of my own so that my friends might also discover their greatness, and hopefully be drawn and inspired in their own lives. As follows:

  • A Shress A Day - This blog I recently found and quite instantly fell in love with. Food, beauty, fashion, inspiration, and creativity are all found in this blog. It's a good place to come if you are looking for ideas.
  • Adventures of Devin and other short stories - I don't know how many of you have seen or follow DevinSuperTramp on YouTube, but if you haven't or aren't, you should. He makes the most amazing videos that are insane, fun, artistic, beautiful, and everything else good in the world. Such inspiring work, and I'll admit I'm just a liiiiittle bit jealous that he is making a living by traveling around, making amazing videos, and taking wonderful photos. Not fair? Yeah, I don't think so either.
  • BangerzOnly - The name says it all...bangerz only. My friend introduced me to this blog, and I am eternally grateful. This music blog is sure to keep those feet happy and your ears filled with joy. It hasn't been properly loading for some time now, but the cached version still allows you access to that goodness we call music.
  • Christine In Spain - She is essentially living the life I am meant to live, and I adore the way she talks about Spain. I thought I would be doing something similar to what she is this next year, so I started to follow her blog to read her adventure stories. I will not be going abroad as an expatriate, but I still get great joy (and sadness) when I read her posts.
  • Eat.Live.Wear - Ok, I literally just discovered this blog today, and already have read the entire thing. The pictures are depicting my ideal world, and her words are just so, so lovely. I am obsessed (to say the least), and cannot wait to look over this blog time and time again. She is a soulsister of mine, and I will probably never meet her (manifesting this otherwise), but I am now in love for eternity. Take time to look, read, absorb, and apply all she has to offer.
  • Honestly WTF - This blog is AWESOME. So many good DIY projects, pictures, and other thing to inspire you to be creative! If it's cool, it's on here, and you will actually find yourself saying, "wtf" while taking in what they're putting out. 
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere - Clothes, food, DIY, you want it, you got it, right here. She is one of the most popular/most-followed bloggers around, and one look at her page explains why. Beauty everywhere, including herself.
  • Live Music Blog - Music = happiness. Find some live sets, find some new artists. Enjoy!
  • Macarons and Pearls - Style, DIY, beauty, and living with a little bit of a French flair. This blog has some great beauty and style ideas and is sure to inspire!
  • - She is fabulous, so of course her website is a total gem. So many good things to see, learn, and explore on here.
  • Pancakes and Beer - One of the best music blogs I've seen. My friend introduced me to this one as well, and I've never looked back. Lots of good mixes, lists, and information!
  • Smitten Kitchen - Everything I see on here makes my mouth water. You are such to find some recipes on here that you want to try. And, the page is so beautifully done. 
  • Songs for Tonight - I have found some really cool new tracks on here and discovered some artists I didn't already know about. 
  • Stripes and Sequins - Do I even need to explain? The title alone sums up why I am so in love with this DIY and style blog!
  • This Song Is Sick - Again, I feel an explanation is unnecessary. 

I hope you can find inspiration in these gems of wonder to do something new in your life. DIY, recreate, reinvent, whatever you choose, please make it for the benefit of others and the world. 

Today's Thought: Creativity surrounds us, and while we might not always think so, it is embedded in our being as well. Tap into it and explore the endless possibilities that lay ahead. 

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