Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recipe: The Perfect First Snack

I'm not sure if any of you are aware of the fact that I love to cook and can do so fairly well, but now you are. There are so many days where I cannot think of what to write about and am lacking a little inspiration, so I realized last night while making my first ever edition of fish tacos (which I photographed and will turn into a post soon), that I should write some posts that are DIY's, recipes, health and fitness, or other crafty things I might embark on and do. So this will be the first of many posts that are my little treats!

I have always loved yogurt. Frozen, Greek, Yoplait, icy from the fridge being too cold, whatever, I just love yogurt. I even made my Facebook status "I wish I lived in a froyo shoppee" last week because I was craving some so badly and generally wish I was always surrounded by it. But it wasn't until I spent a fewwwwwww... months living with my uncles that it became a part of my daily life during the week. I now take with me to work each and every day a little container of yogurt to have as my second meal of the day, aka first snack (between breakfast and lunch). *Remember: The healthiest way to eat is small portions, multiple times a day! Ideally, have five meals every day.* With it I will put in any combination of things, as follows:

Fruit Salad (banana, yellow nectarine, peach, plumcout, plums, etc)
Shaved Almonds
Cocoa Almond Butter
Agave Sweetener
Dark Choco Covered Almond Bits
Dried Cranberries
Trail Mix Items

(Note: I usually mix vanilla and plain yogurt together, but the possibilities are endless!)

Fresh Fruit & Berry Salad

See? The possibilities are endless! It really is the perfect snack too. It's flavorful, if you use berries you are getting antioxidants, and it's really filling. It keeps me from hitting the snack cart and grabbing a snack size bag of Hot Cheetos, Chips A'Hoy, or as someone so kindly brought in today, Krispy Kreme donuts. It gives you lots of the healthful and beneficial things you need, while also providing you with a nice sweet snack. (Also a really good one to eat between lunch and dinner to make you feel like you're having ice cream dessert.)

Today's Thought: No matter what you think you are capable of doing, you can always do and give more!

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