Monday, June 25, 2012

Stress, Peace, & Brazil's Big Mistake

Yesterday I returned to Mosaic Hollywood for the Sunday morning service and the pastor was talking about stress. He asked us to look to the person next to us and tell them three things that really stress us out. Mine were (1) the crossroads I am at in my life, and knowing what decision I should make or what path I am supposed to go down next, (2) money, and the third was a bit harder for me to come up with, and I can't even remember what I said now. After we were done, I sat there thinking about things that really stress me out. The first I listed is a huge source of stress and provokes a lot of thought in my life, and money, yes, it can be stressful, but I've figured out my budget and am prepared not to let money be a stresser in my life, so that one really didn't need to be said. As for the third, I was quite pleased, and shocked that I was having such a hard time thinking of a third thing that reeeeally stresses me out, but when we were finished I realized the biggest thing I stress about is a world and people without peace and love.

I know that sounds like some load of complete hippie crock, but it is absolutely true. I am a surprisingly empathetic person, and when others are in a bad situation and feeling pain, I take it on as my own and it makes me incredibly sad. I get tears in my eyes almost daily when I exit the freeway and see someone standing there with a sign, asking for help. When I see an elderly person who is alone and struggling, I cry because I fear they have no loved one to take care of them, and when I see a family that is in a bad situation, it makes me feel broken inside.

Our world has so many wonderful, beautiful people in it still, but the overall things that people care about and do with their time are not reflective of a positive and loving life. I read an article today about Brazil. Their President, Dilma, has given the okay for the beginning of a construction build to help produce electricity. Now, I'm into electricity, I love to be able to charge things and use things like lights and stoves, but when the cost of all of that is spending money that isn't really there, that's a problem. But what's an even bigger problem, and pretty much the only one when we consider that money doesn't matter and people do, is that this construction is going to displace over 40,000 indigenous and local people. The hydroelectric plant is going to ruin at least 400,000 hectares of forest land. (If you would like to sign a petition against this heinous behavior, click here.)

How is it possible that we've come to the point where people are willing to destroy the lives of tens of thousands of people just to make more money and provide more comfort for those who already have it? We have got to stop putting all the focus on stuff, things, material goods, and money, and start putting it on the only things that will really ensure our survival and happiness...peace, love, respect, coexisting, and taking care of one another. We are all going to end up killing one another at the rate we're going. We've got to unite and learn to care for each other, understand each other, and learn from one another. If we don't life is sure to get boring because everyone will be the same, and there will be even more mindless drones walking around.

Just some stuff to think about.

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