Friday, June 29, 2012

Wedding Pin Boards

I created my Pinterest account some time ago, but never really went on it. I have been spending some time on it lately though, as I have realized it is pretty much the most amazing index ever of ideas, recipes, thoughts, and inspiration. I have my board for things I want to cook, places I want to go, words that inspire, exercise routines I need to do, craft ideas, helpful hints, outfit inspiration, and a couple others. It is the best thing since peanut butter because it allows me to keep an online picture book of inspiring things organized and ready to access at any time. But, unlike probably 90% of females out there, I do not have a board that is for wedding things.

Now, this could be because I generally am the notorious single girl, and have pretty much guffawed at the words "wedding" and "children" my whole life, but I also think it's because I tend to live in the moment, and definitely don't really plan ahead. You can call me crazy, but I think that unless you have some immediate plan to get married (I'm talking, you're about to get engaged, are engaged, or are on the brink of engagement), you do not need this board. Especially when you consider how many more things are going to be put out there about weddings from now and the time you actually have that day of "glory." (Can you say, information over-load?) And I know I am likely to offend or insult about 90% of my female friends with this one because they all have them, and I'm fairly certain that most of my close friends I have spoken with about this to some extend, so here we go... 

My page of pins from people I follow is constantly being over-run by stuff about freaking weddings. I get it, most girls grow up just dreaming about their wedding and the day they enter unholy matrimony, but come on! And especially for all those single gals out there pinning their wedding dreams away, do you really think that is going to help the case of depression you most-likely have about being single in the first place? Because I. sure. don't.

A screen shot of my Pinterest page, in which almost half of the visible pins are wedding related, and I think only one friend is married, a couple are engaged, and a handful in relationships. OHEMGEE -- see what I mean?

I'm just saying... All these young, hot, 20-somethings (or even younger) do not need to be thinking about weddings. Instead, women of our age should be thinking about things like travel, exploration, learning about who we are and really establishing ourselves and getting a little too comfortable in our own skin, not being tied down by some guy who is going to seriously diminish your chance of getting out there and experiencing life and other countries (Yes, my main concern is that once you get married, children are likely to follow, and well, unless you're rich and/or famous, you're probably not going to get to see the world. I apologize for being pessimistic, but not for what I am saying.). (I should clarify: I love my man, but that doesn't mean I'm going to start pinning about an event I don't even know if I want to have.)

I respect "to each their own" and the right to Pin-freely, but I choose not to partake in the white wonderland mental mess that many of my fellow lady-folk do. And naturally, now that I am done with this post, I am thinking of all the reasons why I am against my own words (I like to pin shoes I'll probably never own just because I love them, it's like my wedding). Too late.

I guess the bottom line is: Do what makes you happy, but don't pin about a wedding if you're sad about being single.

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