Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Encourage Your Mind to Wander

The further you stray, the greater the reward when you find your way back.
Mostly in regards to travel, for in life there are some paths that one should never dare to venture down.
Always choose wisely, but don't always choose on the side of security.

For some of us, our lives can resemble a tangled mess of tree roots.
We choose to live with a twist and take the "wrong" turns.
We go off the beaten path and avoid the straight and narrow.
And what we ultimately find, is that our lives tend to be completely and utterly full of beauty.
Like the overlapping, gnarled, sticking-out-in-all-directions branches and roots of a tree growing wild and untrimmed.
It can never be deciphered or traced back entirely, but one thing is for certain -- it is naturally beautiful.

Unexpected, some-what frightening, indescribable beauty.
It is encompassed in the rush of discovering an unknown treasure that fuels our hunger for more.
So we return into the world.
Seeking that feeling of satisfaction that can only be provided by doing, and living.
By escaping out of the ordinary, and fully into the extraordinary.

Dare to see what might not be.


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