Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ya Never Realize

Flaming fireballs it takes a lot of work to move into a new place! You never even think about all the basic necessities that you are going to need in your daily life until you have to start from the ground up. I feel especially empathetic towards people who have lost everything to a fire or robbery, because that would be even harder.

I am fully aware that it's "just stuff," and that material items hold no real value in life because the true value in life comes after death, but still. I appreciate nice things, have expensive taste without even trying, and tend to be a bit of a pack-rat. But I'm not talking about "things" right now, what I'm talking about are the basics like toilet paper, Comet, bleach, Shout, sponges, salt, pepper, and a dust pan.

For the last 4.5 years I have lived with these things, not even thinking about buying them in a situation other than because the other ran out or got too old. Now I am starting all over in a new place, by myself, and every day leading up to my official move-in, find myself thinking of a this or that that I am going to undoubtedly need. I am glad these things are coming to mind now before I go and blow all my money on fun though. I've got a lot of expenses coming up with this move, so prioritizing begins now!

The first items that I need to get are rugs. My floors are hardwood, and I'm in the upstairs studio. I do not want to infuriate the people below me with my sauntering, shuffling, zombie walk and heavy steps, or my questionably-loud music, so rugs must go down first! I will be sure to include photos and updates with each phase of this process, and am always open to suggestions. :)

Today's Thought: You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar, so don't romp around on your hardwood in heels, without first putting down a rug.


  1. Anonymous23/5/12 13:41

    I enjoyed your comment and plan to watch the progress as things take place. I know what you mean---I didn't realize you have to buy your own mailbox. Are you in a group of apartments? At least you'd have a mailbox! Love, GL

    1. Thanks for the support Grandma! <3