Thursday, May 17, 2012

Onl!ne 3/&(@^!#$

Today's topic has stemmed from a current assignment I have at work -- to find hosted YouTube channels that we can use as a reference for our own sort of mini-video series. Through searching different YouTube channels I discovered one female whose name I cannot recall (but men, I suggest you try and find her, because she was pretty hot). In the video that I happened to see, she was talking about the subject of online expletives. It got me thinking about my own online swearing/"dirty talk" tendencies, and those of others, and fit so very well with things I have been seeing A LOT lately (especially with finals coming to an end for many).

I make it a point to try not to cuss in any life moments in which I am not driving in the car, alone. I apologize to God multiple times while I am driving because I tend to turn into a sailor, but I really do think it is unladylike for a woman to swear. Whenever I think about women swearing, I think about my mother, and how every single time a bad word comes out of her mouth (once in a blue, no RAINBOW moon) I not only know that what she wants to say is very serious, but I am shocked and appalled at how it sounds. She is a sweet angel of a lady, who I've pretty much put on a pedestal and categorized as "not capable of doing bad things." So when she drops a swear-bomb, I'm pretty sure that a fairy dies somewhere in the world. All of that being said, I really try to watch what I say on the online platform, although it gets soooo hard sometimes. (Let's face it, sometimes you just need to throw down a "damn" in order to emphasis your point -- that one being a terrible example of one of those times.)

Every single thing we say and post online is accessible whether we've taken all security and privacy measures or not. People can access what we put online, and especially if we are posting to Instagram, Twitter, blogs, or other open-to-anyone's eyes places, we rarely can control people's viewership.

Some people post EVERYTHING online. Every detail of their drug use, sex life, drinking problems, drinking habits, cheating habits, and anything else that is going on in their life. That, I will never understand, and it pains me that some of my friends do this. I saw a post made by a EDM page on Facebook yesterday asking people to fill in the blank of their status that read, "You know you're a raver when ______." Now, you can only imagine some of the things people wrote. Examples: "You're asking for molly." "You're rolling balls." "You don't sleep or eat for days." REALLY!?!

I'm not saying that I am totally innocent of never posting anything online that I shouldn't have; when I look back and see how I used to write to my friends on Facebook in high school, I want to go back in time and slap myself silly. But still, those days are far behind me, and I now try not to write, post, or share anything that I might not want an employer to see.

Bottom-line: People, think before you post. (Also today's thought.)

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