Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Time

The glory days have arrived once more! In less than two hours I will be on a plane flying high in the sky back up to my mother-end, NORCAL! :) I am thrilled to get back up there and be surrounded by trees, brick buildings, old and dear friends, and enduring a surprisingly bearable heat. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, my flight doesn't land in Sacramento until 10:55pm, so I won't be in Chico till close to 12:30am. Which is perfect because it gives me a great excuse NOT to go out when I get there. Looks like things haven't really changed -- still that homebody, "you come to me, I stay in my house," not-wanting-to-go-to-the-bars girl that I was the last year and a half in college. But I will have to break out of my newly tanned (thank you, gradual tanning lotion) skin, and get myself to the bars. Riley's, I will see you tomorrow at 6am! Chico, I will see you (barely since it will be the middle of the night) in about four hours! Yay! Really looking forward to sharing one of the biggest moments of my friends' lives with them. <3

Today's Thought: Do we all live in the past after we graduate? I've noticed it with friends who have graduated and moved away, and have realized it a bit with myself. I keep myself as deeply involved with my college friends and life as I possibly can with this busy schedule and complete lack of ability to keep in touch. I am curious to see the changes that come about in my life when I have moved into my place next week. I have plans to be out of town three of the next four weekends, but after that, and after I am settled into my studio, will things change? Or will I continue to stay an active participant in Facebook conversations that take place w/in my former water polo team, missing them like crazy, and often times wishing I was there rather than here? Interesting to think about, and something I will surely touch back on at the end of June when I have some sort of answer. Stay tuned! And as always, STAY POSITIVE! Give it up [to God]! :)

Random photo that doesn't apply at all to the entry. I just loooove my sister and wanted to throw a shout-out to her. Clearly we love each other in the same way. This is our relationship, captured to perfection. 

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