Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mum's The Word

Ah yes, the day we buy flowers, gift cards, cook breakfasts to be delivered in bed, make CDs, fill photo frames, and tell our moms just how much we love, cherish, and appreciate them has once again arrived! Mother's Day should be all about moms not lifting a finger, and having their families be their day-long personal slaves, but let's face it...they're usually working the hardest. One mom is preparing a massive day of celebration, food, and family time for all the rest of the moms (grandmas, aunts, friends, and if you happen to be in the position, they're pregnant daughters), when she should be sitting in a recliner being fanned with palm branches.

Since I saved up my mother-gushing for today, I will release it all, and you will have to suffer through it. :) My mom ROCKS. Never have I met someone who can hold a family together in such a way, a woman who sacrifices every bit of her happiness, chances at a new pair of pants, bra, or top, so the rest of her family can experience things instead, or desire and want in a vacation just to ensure everyone else has a good time and is pleased. I have never found a woman who EVERYONE loves, adores, and wants to be around more, and who absolutely no one can think of a bad thing to say about. She is the epitome of a woman. She is beautiful, funny, and brings such a spark and brightness to any room she enters. Her smile could light up the sky and make anyone feel better. My mother, Heidi Lynn Fedor, is nothing short of amazing, and now you all know. :)

My heart goes out to those who's mothers have passed, my family has lost a few wonderful ones itself. Just know that they are always with you in spirit, watching over you, and can be your guide even if they're not physically present.

And now, I must go and help prepare the Sunday dinner, to be shared with no mothers, but a group full of love. Oh, and, I HAVE AN APARTMENT IN LA NOW! Today I found a great studio in Studio City, and have claimed it as mine. I move in the end of the month, and will make it fabulous.

Happy Mother's Day to all, and to all.....a good Mother's Day?

Today's Quote: "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." Tenneva Jordan

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