Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hollywood Kids

Today has been filled with tunes from one of my favorite playlists of all times. It includes all of the music in my iTunes library by Kings of Leon, The Doors, End of Fashion, City and Colour, Box Car Racer, and then some from The Maine, Cute Is What We Aim For, Empire of the Sun, Boys Like Girls, The Beautiful Girls, Citizen Cope, and The Thrills. "Hollywood Kids" by The Thrills just came on and put such a massive smile on my face, and inspired today's post.

I know that I have only been a "Hollywood Kid" for a total of about 5 1/2 months (if you include the three months time I put in over summer, haha, very jail-like, no? ;), but I am now, and will be, till only God knows when, a Hollywood Kid.

The song has such a whimsical tone to it. It makes me feel like I'm 1/4 in Fear and Loathing, 1/4 at Woodstock, 1/4 at Coachella, and another fourth like I'm tripping on something strange and flying around the sky with rainbow colored creatures that shoot peace signs and love out of their mouth (much like a dragon would shoot fire). The opening line, "those Hollywood kids, those Hollywood kids got it made," is perfection in many ways. I have always LOVED Los Angeles. There was something about the insanity of it that always drew me in, and knowing that the possibilities really are endless and you're in one of the most-happening cities in the world, makes you yourself feel slightly invincible. 

The trick to living in LA is not getting caught up in all of it. When I say "it" I am referring to the mentality that most people have down here that says you must have a luxury car, wear the best brands, and spend time and money making sure you look good, because then you feel good. Living in The Hills has been a true test of my character. Everyday I see an excessive amount of luxury cars and designer this's and that's, and I would be lying if I said I never once thought to myself, "I need a different car." But I thank God all the time that I have been brought up not to believe that it's what I have that defines me, but who I am. So at the times when my mind starts to drift off to Rodeo Drive and "bigger and better things," I remind myself, I have a car that drives incredibly well, one that many compliment for being "zippy." It runs great, and up until Sunday when I backed into the wall of the driveway a little (sorry dad), had no chipped paint to speak of! 

It's a constant battle to keep myself grounded, but I mostly shake my head at those people who I can tell have fallen too far down the rabbit hole of materialism, so I think that I am fine. And let's face it, I can't afford to fall prey to that syndrome as it is, another hidden blessing I would say! :) 

Today's Thought: Stay true to yourself. Unless yourself really sucks as a person, then make some changes for the better.


  1. Yeah girl, stuff will only satisfy shortly! Your identity in your things will not hold, But rather finding your identity in your savior and Lord Jesus will last!

    1. Amen! No words could be truer!