Thursday, May 3, 2012

God Loves Gays Too

I presume that this post will stir the pot of controversy (if anyone even reads it), but that is fine by me! It's time that I write something a little bolder and passion-filled.

To start, I have been raised in a Christian home. My family and I started going to church when I was in the second grade (1996), and I still go to that same church on Sundays when I am in Stockton. I have strong faith, am a firm believer, and trust God with my life, but there are certain things about religion that I view in a very nontraditional way. Namely, homosexuality and marriage.

Homosexuality and Christianity rarely fit like PB&J, but I refuse to accept that God doesn't love gays.

People always say that you should love yourself, that you've been created in God's own image, are perfect in His eyes, and shouldn't deface your body or not love yourself because He made you just the way you are, the way He WANTED. Well if that's the case, I think everyone should reconsider before they decide that a G/L/B/T shouldn't be loved and treated the same as the next straight person that comes along. Because since we're all created in His own image, and made how we are because He so chose, no person should disrespect Him by saying homosexuality is ungodly.

Another thing, God has control over everything. He gives us freewill to choose, to sin, and to live how we want, but the facts are that He has laid out a plan for us and calculated each and every step and moment of our lives before we were even born. This being true, don't you think He would have left homosexuality out when He was dishing out who and what if it really was a concern of His or something He didn't want? If you think it's because He gave us freewill and wanted people not to chose sin, then you're forgetting that lying is a sin.

How can anyone suggest that a homosexual should live their life as though they are straight because of what the Bible says about man and wife? What do you want them to do? Deny who they are, marry someone they might love, but not desire, and reproduce? A marriage without desire is just as good as a marriage without love! Lying is sinful, so how can you ask someone to LIVE a lie?

Throughout the Bible God puts the most emphasis on one thing consistently, and that is love. It is abudantly clear that God wants us to love another, and love our enemies even more. He places the highest value on relationships and loving one another, so how can someone do the exact opposite?

I believe that the Bible is God's word, but I also believe that He loves each of His children equally and wants us all to be with Him when the time comes. I will forever pray that people become more accepting, because if we all continue to turn against each other, we're all doomed.

Today's Verse: "Therefore, putting away lying, let each of you speak truth with his neighbor. For we are all members of one another." Ephesians 4:25


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