Friday, May 11, 2012

Grad Weekend -- Tips Included

I am in very high spirits at the current moment! Chico State's graduation ceremonies are taking place next weekend, and I will be in attendance! Up until 20 minutes ago, I had yet to determine how I would be getting to/from the airport in Sacramento, but I now have secured a very reasonably-priced rental car. How exciting, I really feel like an adult! Flying somewhere and renting a car to go the rest of the way. I'm going the whole nine-yards for this one! But let's be real, I would have walked if I had to in order to ensure being present at this incredible, important, monumental, but mostly, INSANE weekend of my friends' lives. 

Grad weekend is quite possibly the highlight of my whole college career (aside from studying abroad, of course). I will never forget my grad weekend. Well.......... No, but seriously, it is better than if New Year's Eve and Christmas Day went to Riley's power hour, hooked up, and decided to keep the baby (Chiconians will understand me on that one). It is GLORIOUS. The spirit and attitude of everyone is sublime. More celebratory, happy, positive, and, well, celebratory than ever before in one's college existence. More so than even your freshman year when you get up there and within a week are thinking, "How will I survive 4+ years of this place?? Don't care, here we go!"

Everyone is, for lack of a better phrase, stoked on life, and has absolutely nothing to worry or care about for that weekend other than celebrating, having fun, and sticking it to the man! (Which we all seem to think we are doing by showing up to Riley's at 6am, drinking all day, night, day, night, day, well, you get the idea, and screaming about how we're done with school and never have to hear a "stupid lecture," "sit through a stupid class," "write a stupid paper," or "take another stupid test" ever, EVER again.)  Most people are forever finished with their years of [mostly unnecessary classroom] education, and don't have to worry about starting their first job for a couple more weeks (if they're lucky have gotten a job).

Here are a few tips for those about to graduate:

  • Return your cap and gown IMMEDIATELY after the ceremony/you've appeased your family with photos. The last thing you want to do is leave campus, go to your or a friend's grad party, just to have to jam your drunk ass back to campus to turn the dang things in by the deadline.
  • Get ready to surprise yourself. You will be thoroughly amazed at how much you rally during the course of Thursday night to Sunday night. If you are like we were last year, you'll wonder where it came from, but don't question, just embrace and LIVE IT UP!
  • Drinks LOTS of water! And eat something! Man cannot live on shots alone, and should never try. I saw too many drunken fools thinking they were Superman, only to be left sleeping on a couch someone had put outside their complex a week earlier (to be picked up as trash) for 8-straight hours (across the street from my house).
  • SAVOR EVERY MOMENT! You may think that it is the greatest day of your life, it's not, it's the worst. It marks the end of your college years, your final moments as an intricate part of the college bubble, and the moment in your life when you can no longer pass off responsibility because, "I'm a student." Soak it up, and try to remember it. You'll be glad in the long-run. :)
See you next weekend CHICO!!!!! A big congrats to Jessica Wellman, Rachel Westerhoff, Kaitlyn Mansker, Tina Tan, and all you other upcoming Chico State Grads! YOU DID IT! :D 

Today's Quote: "College athletes used to get a degree in bringing your pencil." -Ruby Wax ;) I know you're smarter than that!

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