Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lightning in a Bottle

This weekend I was blessed with one of the most amazing experiences of my life -- I went to the Lightning in a Bottle Festival. It is a music, yoga, art, and meditation festival that focuses on sustainability and celebrating life. I was there from Friday afternoon till Monday afternoon, camped outside for the first time in my life, didn't shower for almost four days, and have never had a better time. I've never been so dirty and so happy before.

Living there for those days I experienced the most incredible culture. Every person that I came into contact with was positive, loving, giving, and wonderful. Any randomly yelled out response that was given in response to the randomness that came from my heart being so overwhelmed with love, joy, and peace, was one of reciprocated love. A mass amount of people taking life back to a simpler and more blessed way. Trading and bartering in place of buying, and each person contributing what they could and had to the group.

We were far beyond blessed with the family that we established. Among us there were artists and lovers of every sort -- face painters, air brushers, singers, guitarists, rhinestone-ers, lollipop makers, dancers and lovers. I went into the weekend knowing two people in the area in which we camped, and ended up becoming part of the most incredible group we could have found. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts. 

  The beautiful Jordan geming the lovely Jo
 Kate the Great transforming into Ganesha
 Words cannot express my love for Jeremy
 Daniel, the amazing airbrusher
 Anthony and Daniel's tag-team work is outstanding
 Creeping on Chris while he's asleep
  Still held up after sleeping on it!
 Jo made a perfect canvas 
 Mel becoming the hot-bot
 Our neighborhood <3 

We created a world within the one that we all generally live in. There were no rules other than to love and be loved, and no one was there to judge or be judged. Each person was welcome to express themselves however they desired, and were loved and embraced all the more for it. It was truly amazing to know that outside of the Canyon walls was the rest of the world, living unaware of the one we'd created for ourselves. I salute The Do Lab for their amazing work, and will anxiously await the day I can buy my 2013 ticket. 

Today's Quote: "Of course it's happening inside your head [Harry], but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" -HP & The Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2

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