Saturday, February 21, 2015

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In my last post, an update about My Deactivation Adventure, I mentioned I wasn't sure if I was becoming slightly more egotistical, but didn't want to elaborate too much on it in the moment. It wasn't the point of the post. But now I will, because I'm finding this process and potential realization very interesting.

Usually, on Facebook I am sharing A LOT of love. I comment nice, uplifting, encouraging things that are dripped in love, and I am sharing inspirational quotes, stories, messages, and images. A lot of my purpose and intention with the site is to use it as a platform to connect to others in an inspiring and beautiful way. Of course it plays a role in how I feel about myself, which is why I deactivated it and don't particularly care for it, but on the other hand, I am realizing how uplifting it also is. Because to give and share so much goodness from a pure place, results in the giver feeling extra great. Whatever we give, we also receive, so by eliminating this source of Goodness Giving, I've also taken it away from myself. And as a result, without this exchange of inspiration happening, I am focusing a lot more on myself.

All that energy and focus that was going to others and building them up, is now internalized, but in a different and not-so-pure way. Which, while overall it is having some positive affects, is also potentially having some negative ones in regards to Ego Boosting and Self-Centeredness. A lot more of my activity is directed at Me and done for myself instead of others, and there's just a lot of Me going on in general.

It's good to take time for ourselves, and it's important to focus on ourselves sometimes, but I think that too much of it can become a bad thing. I don't think I've necessarily hit this point of it being a bad thing, but the combination of having taken away my largest audience to indulge in exchanges of love and kindness with, the place where I have the highest concentration of conscious friends, and facing so many closed or unconscious/unaware adolescent/adult minds each day, and I kinda feel like I shut down the love factory a little bit. Of course, being physically sick as well wasn't probably helping the situation, and the more my health improves, the more my mind improves, the more my life improves, etc, but still, to feel like I'm hopping up on my high horse hasn't been very concerting.

This is all really just an introduction to what's going on, because it's something I've only just picked up on and began to observe. So we'll have to see where it goes in the next 4-5 days of deactivation, but these are my initial observations and assessments. However, last night I finally went to the Ateneo Culture Center here in Écija, and met some lovely people who are definitely living and thinking outside the box (just what I needed!), which is sure to change the course of everything all over again! (In the ways I really like/love:) Whatever happens, I'll keep you updated! ^_^

Have you experienced similar things at any time you took a break from social media, a person, a group, an activity, etc? I'd love to hear how your focus and Being responded to it all. :)

Hope you have a happy Saturday, filled with relaxation, laughter, and love! Life is lovely, give thanks, and take pleasure in everything that happens. :)

Blessings, Love & Light

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