Thursday, February 26, 2015

26 Things to Be Grateful for at 26, OR 26 at 26 on the 26th

Today officially marks the "I've made 26 trips around the sun" mark! I went to bed past midnight last night, and realized it as I was climbing under the covers. A great sense of accomplishment and gratitude came over me, and that gratitude has only picked up its pace as the moments have passed today.

This morning, I woke up and was trying to fall back asleep. I don't have to go to the high school today, so why rush out of bed and into the day? It's wide open, and I've got time on my side. Plus, it's my birthday. I don't want to be tired on my birthday, I'd rather sleep in! Well, 9 o'clock is sleeping in for me, and when, within half an hour of my eyes opening the doorbell started going crazy, I was forced to get up. Of course I waited to see if anyone else was going to go for it -- I'd heard Antonio (my flatmate) on the other end of the flat and knew he was up -- but no one took the bait. Ok, I'm closer to the door, and I'm awake, I'll get it. Plus, I think deep down I knew it'd be for me.

What a way to wake up! I opened the door to be greeted by the postwoman, eyes still partially glued shut, boogers still in the corners, and hair doing God knows what; a package for Allison Fedor, that's me! She scanned the code and handed it over, my eyes lit up and opened as far as their I-just-woke-up state would allow, and I transmitted a big smile to the face looking back at mine. (Can I just say my mom is a superhero? I mean, seriously, to get out of bed because a birthday package is being delivered? The timing couldn't be any better. You rock, mom!)

The morning has followed as such:
Opening the package, which is a Valentine's Day/Birthday/Easter combo, and full of treats that are waiting in the freezer for Lent to end like a bear waits out winter, among other little things;
Finishing my healthcare application so I can have insurance the next six months in the States, in spite of spending 4 1/2 of them abroad (thank you, mom!);
Going on Facebook to lavish myself in the love that friends have left behind, as well as dish it back;

[[ I decided that I want to wish a great, magical day to as many people that wish me one. I think it'd be a positively wonderful way to make this day even better, and soo much more full of love! ]]

Buying a flight to Rome in May for the long weekend, which I decided to make one day longer (sorry colleagues, I'll make up those couple classes on a different day);
Confirming all the hotels we need in Napoli, Sorrento, and Capri, Italy for Friday-Wednesday (yay for a Dual Birthday Bash in Southern Italy!!!);
And making some oatmeal-wheat germ pancakes (and breaking a glass in the micro because I over-heated the honey, whoops)!

Overall, Awesome! I've still gotta pack my pack and work for five hours, but tonight, I'm on my way to Madrid to hang with one of my best friends before I catch my flight tomorrow afternoon. So much excitement! (Maybe a little too much, I'm feeling quite erratic. hehe)

But I want to celebrate my birthday by making a list of 26 Things to Be Grateful for at 26, as Overflowing With Gratitude is my new State of Being, so, here we go!

  1. Waking up to a package from home (see above)
  2. Knowing I have health insurance for the next 6 months (see above)
  3. The love that people have shared with me on this day that's only just begun, and in general
  4. The fact tomorrow I enter my 20th country, and finally step foot on Italian Terrain (!!!!!!)
  5. Having jobs that fund my travel habit // dedicating the next four years of my life to travel
  6. Being able to share my first time in Italy with one of the most amazing people I've ever known
  7. Being able to celebrate my birthday in conjunction with Amazing-Being-From-Above's in Italy
  8. Good, healthy, clean, organic-ingredient-based food
  9. Water [with lemon/honey/vinegar in the morning]
  10. Having learned a second language and taken up a third
  11. My creativity 
  12. The condition of my heart and mind
  13. Jesus' major sacrifice so I might live this life // we might live these lives (This is really #1)
  14. The Conscious Shift 
  15. Love
  16. Friendship, family, and soul connections
  17. The Earth and it's ability to be explored
  18. Having left my home country to go to a new place and pursue my dreams and change my entire life
  19. The confidence I have in myself, and trust I have in God, that fuel my curiosity about the globe, and eliminate my fears of wandering around it
  20. Long weekends used for travel
  21. Exchanges of positive thoughts/words/energy
  22. Backpacking and nature
  23. The water in any/all river/lake/ocean/sea/swimming pool/rain form(s)
  24. An abundant life in endless different ways
  25. Everything I see when I look around me
  26. The person I've become, and the changes I've endured
This list could be so much longer, but for the sake of time, and keeping it 

26 [items] for 
26 [years] on the 
26th [of February], 
I will not. 

Look around you, in you, above, below, and next to you, and try to count 10 things to be grateful for. I bet there are so many! Now, do that every single day, and you're life is going to completely change. I don't know how, I can't tell you that, but I can tell you, assure you, promise you, it will, and it'll be awesome! (Like you:)

My birthday party in my mind

I'm sending a crrrrrrraaazzzzzyyyy amount of Love & Light to you right now. I can't even handle how much is flowing through me right now, you've gotta take some! It's for youuuuuu!!!!! :-*

Happy Birthday, Happy Life to us all!

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