Sunday, February 15, 2015

Deactivation Adventure: Day Five

Can I just say, it blows to be sick, staying at home in bed or on the couch all day, and not be able to go on Facebook! I mean, seriously, I couldn't have timed this worse!

I don't really know what happened between Friday afternoon, when I was hyper-productive and dancing around the house, and yesterday, when I felt like my head had doubled in size due to congestion, but my burst about being better was certainly short-lived. I understand that if the congestion is in the chest, then it must come out through the nose and mouth, so I'm aware that's what's happening, but my goodness, I want to be healthy again!

Last night, a few friends came by so I could paint their faces for Carnaval, and when one of them plugged in her phone, she unknowingly flipped off the surge protector. This caused my clock to go out, and instead of resetting the time when I plugged it back in, I decided not to worry about it till later. Well, later turned into today, and since I sleep with my phone off if I don't need the alarm, I had no idea what time it was during the night. Which is why I woke up at 12:45. O_o Couldn't believe it.

But in spite of the 12 1/2 hours I spent in bed last night, I am still tired today, and I am tired of watching things, but don't know my brain is really in the mood to do Italian homework, study Food, Nutrition and Health, The Human Body as a Machine, or my new book about plant medicine. Thank God I found Ratatouille on Youtube! In short, I just really want to go on Facebook, and take some comfort in stalking the lives of the people I love. Maybe seeing all your smiles will help me heal faster? Boo-Hoo, bad timing.

Anyways, that's pretty much all I've got for right now. I think I might try to do something more productive than hunt down free, full-length movies on Youtube and rewatch "Horrible Bosses" and "Bad Teacher" for the 50th times. But I also kind of doubt it, based on how uncooperative my eyes are being right now in the Staying Open Department.

I hope you all have a nice, relaxing Sunday, full of goodness, and perhaps some God! ;-)

Love you shiners near and far!


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