Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Deactivation Adventure: Summary

Last night I bit the bullet and reactivated Facebook. I'd made it just about two weeks (I say this to make myself feel better about not having been able to make it even two full weeks. But since I was only some hours shy of the 14 Day marker, I'm calling it like it is, "just about" two weeks), and was feeling pretty anxious to get back on it and drop some lines of love to some friends I've been missing loving on.

Interestingly enough, in the book I'm blowing through right now, Choose Yourself, by James Altucher (which I HIGHLY recommend reading, and will do a review of when I finish it later today), he even talks about Facebook being a good thing for us (weird, right?). In his chapter, How to Release the God Hormone, he is listing off different ways that we can release oxytocin (aka the happy chemical) in different ways that don't involve sex or child birth (proven to work for men or women). One of the things he says is, to release oxytocin in a nonsexual way, go on Facebook. Why does he say this? Why should we use Facebook to help release oxytocin? Well, I'll let his words explain it best...

I like to browse my Facebook time line and occasionally "Like" a photograph posted by a random friend from thirty years ago. I would never in a million years call that friend and say, "That was a real cute photo of your baby that you posted." But liking the photo is my way of connecting with someone that I felt close to at some point in my life [...] Guess what? Turns out, using social media in this way releases oxytocin. 

This is pretty much what I was talking about in this post here, where I discuss the fact that I appeared, to myself, to be more egotistical and self-centered at some point during My Deactivation Adventure, because of exactly that. I always "Like" and share positive content, so taking that outlet away, where was I to direct it? (And please don't answer, "The people around you," because yes, I'm aware of that, and putting it into practice as well. But this is a different kind of love.) And that's what I was craving last night.

I felt so amazing, so good, so full of love, and I wanted to share it. So I signed back in, which turns out is all it takes to reactivate, sent some sweet messages dripping in that good, gooey love (not that gross stuff you're thinking of), and that was that. Well, that was almost that. I also had a slight "panic attack" when I saw a post from someone, which brought back all the obsessive, desperate feelings I was feeling before I deactivated. Then I laid in bed, trying to fall asleep, feeling this intensity inside me, and also feeling like a crazy-freakazoid-stalker with an abundance of issues, who'd just throw out two weeks of self-work in an instant. I think it was just the first reaction from having logged back in. Some sort of a panic of, "What will happen now? Where does all this stand?" Today, I'm fine, and there's no signs of stalking. :)

Overall, My Deactivation Adventure proved to provide everything I was hoping it would -- an opportunity to work on myself, become in love with myself again (though a slight bout of egotism wasn't what I had in mind), and re-center myself around the one and only thing I want to be revolving around in this life on Earth: G O D.

(( Kind of how I'm feeling these days... MAGICAL ))

Have a happy, happy Tuesday! There's a lot to be grateful for!

This morning, before I got out of bed to even pee, I opened my journal and wrote a list of 20 things to be grateful for in the moment. Could have easily reached 100, but I was pressed on time.
Try it, and see which way your day goes!

Blessings, Love & Light to All

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