Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thumbs Up From Above

Yesterday morning I had a big, huge, major, whoa-my-gosh-what-a-world this-is-going-to-change-everything realization, which you can read about here, but just in case you don't want to, the summary goes like this (as said/read in a voice going the speed of light and never stopping for any breaths till the final period has been passed):

I have highs and lows and I've been wanting to figure out how to, essentially, stop them for good, but haven't been able to make the lows stop rolling through town on their dark horses; which while mystical, magical, beautiful and breath-taking, are too strong, too dark, and stomp out the love and light I try to live in, breath in, exhale out, be, see, and pass on, so, what can I do? How can I overcome them? What's the solution? (Will it ever end!?!) Well, BAM! Here comes yesterday to tell me: ACCEPT THEM, then they lose power over you, and then, like any competitive person likes to hear, "You Win!" Oh yes, oh yeah, that's the way to play. So, on the the accepting game!

Got it? More or less? Great, continuing on with today's amazements then...

(And yes, I may have just made up a new word, but it seems like in the English language, we are fond of taking a real word, adding a prefix or suffix to it that doesn't usually belong, and then calling it a word. Usually no one flinches. [Remind me again why I'm an English teacher, let alone preparing people for Cambridge Official Exams..? Hmm.. Shh, don't tell Cambridge.]) But back to the Amazements of The Day...

Paulo Coelho and Ralph Waldo Emerson once said/wrote/thought some variation of, "When you make a decision, the whole universe conspires in your favor to help you make it happen." And seeing as I have recently decided, with every cell of my Being, every part of my heart, and every assurance in my mind, to accept my lows with my highs, my moments that lack love with my moments of I-just-need-to-hug-a-stranger-right-now, my bright, beaming moments where there's no doubt I am a representation of God's Light, with the moments you'd hope I wasn't religious or engaged in a spiritual relationship, because, wait, where is He in all that sass, I am now putting forth a new practice of accepting all these phases of my cycle, today God has been delivering me so much information to support this. Essentially, I'm getting the Big Thumbs Up from the Universe right now. (Awesome. Always awesome. Feels better than a pat on your back.)

The first thing I found, which left me pretty stumped, and also reconsidering all the snide remarks I've made about astrology and star signs in the past, was this beautiful explanation of the New Moon in Aquarius on Mystic Mamma.

Aside from the insanely impeccable timing of the New Moon transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces (my sign, heeey!), which makes me feel almost certain that God has got His hand in this (causing the reconsideration of said snide, astrologically-directed past comments) a lot of the information I read resonated on a very deep level with me. It seems to apply wonderfully to the processes I've been, well, processing, as well as the realizations I've been coming to. One such example is this,

“…This powerful 29th degree Aquarius New Moon is all about anchoring in the Light but not doing it in a way to escape, deny or ignore the shadow. We do so that we can illuminate the shadow and help heal the rift and duality in ourselves and the world around us.”

I mean, I don't think I even need to write any commentary, because how much clearer does it get than that? It's exactly what I am processing and working on now!

And then, as if these Astral Insights weren't enough to make my Everything Is Aligned geek-dar start beeping, I clicked over to the Consciousness Videos tab on the site, and came upon this Vintage Ram Dass Gem!

Or here

Just like that, inner peace has been restored, and I'm so certain that this is going to help launch me into my next dimension of living, breathing, and Being!

Acceptance has always been the key, it's always been something I've known and tried to practice, but now, it's time to stop letting "how hard it is" or "how annoying/loud/disrespectful they are" stop me from actually using and doing it! Time to get accepting, people! I am that I am that I am and that I am is Good Good Good because it's from God! Amen!

I love you
Have a great week

All Right


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