Friday, February 13, 2015

Deactivation Adventure: Day Three

Ok, I am in an energetic frenzy right now (the good kind)! I feel like my old ADD self, flying around the house, trying to organize/clean my room, do laundry, clean the house, and take care of a million things at once, each one sparking a new idea or leading to another little project I start doing, only to remember 15 minutes later what my original thought/intention was, go back the first one, and then begin again the cycle of starting new things, and being surrounded by 10 partial projects. Of course they'll all get done, just not with all my concentration on the same one at the same time, and with many little breaks to do weird things like write, dance, twirl, chat, etc.

This has always been the way I do things. You should see me when I'm moving out of/into a new place -- it's madness. It would probably drive a lot of people insane, and make them feel like they're not getting anything done, but this is how I function, and it's been working for me the last nearly-26 years. I'm in no hurry, I've got time, so why be intense about it? Nahh, let's just dance, chill, wobble around, and enjoy the craze! Crazy-unconventional ways of mine, with you I continue to thrive! (And the random and heady outbursts of laughter, dance sessions, costume parties, and silly moments that come along with it I'd never want to trade!)

Anyways, onto the point of this post! Though I guess to share my joy and excitement with you all was/is also a huge part of it... Today is Day Three of My Deactivated Adventure (from Facebook & Instagram), and honestly, I haven't even wanted to go on it once! They say it takes about three days to break a habit and get past the "hardest days", and I guess that statistic actually does apply to me when it comes to social media (it never seems to have applied in the past when I've quit certain things). Woo!

Also, my physical health has improved drastically, even just from this morning! I didn't go to work at the high school today, because last night I was told I could stay home and heal if I needed to. I woke up 15 minutes class was supposed to start (plenty of time to throw on clothes and get there in time), but was/am still having a pretty hard time breathing, and since Mother Nature decided to deliver today, there were some new, added pains in the mix. But in comparison to how I felt yesterday, well, let's just put it this way: I just got done having a semi-wild solo dance party around the house... yesterday, just walking down the stairs left me gasping a bit, and making it to work was kind of like crossing the Sahara. Cheers to natural healing remedies!!!

Naturally, everyone's first reaction when they saw my state-of-being/speaking yesterday was, "Have you gone to the doctor?" And their second reaction, when I told them that, no, no I hadn't, nor was I going to, was, "That's not good. You should go to the doctor." Yeah, sorry, no thanks. I'm not against doctors, I actually happen to know some future ones I love very much, and have a mother who is a pharmacist, but I am not keen on walking to the hospital, to have to wait for an unknown amount of time, to see someone for less than five minutes, that is so over-worked and burdened they don't even have time to look me in the eyes while we speak, and can only think about getting me in and out as fast as possible, so they simply write me a prescription and send me off to wait in yet another queue, in another place I've had to gasp my way to, so I can spend my money on something that's probably got some sort of toxin in it anyways, and isn't guaranteed to work. And it doesn't matter to me if my health care will cover the expenses of seeing the doctor. I just don't want to. That is a last, last resort in my life. (Now accepting any/all tips on how to naturally overcome asthma!!!)

Instead, I popped by to visit my friend, who is an herbologist, and ask her what I should take. In her store she had this MIRACLE medicine, that I swear, without it, Vitamin C, and this Composor 13 of garlic and thyme (a liquid, you put 25-30 drops into a glass of water three times/day and drink it), there's no way I'd having been dancing 10 minutes ago, or dancing on my bed right now as I write this (thank you, AC Slater on soundcloud!).

It's called S.O.S. Active, and it's a 60mL bottled blend of (in Spanglish) ginseng, propolis, gelee royale, echinacee, and natural fruit juices blended with honey. They come three to a pack, and you drink one throughout the day, for three days. It's designed for chest congestion/related pain, and sore throats. And it tastes deliciousssss! So much so, that I have to tell myself as I'm drinking it, that it's meant to be taken throughout the day, not all at once like a shooter.

(Thiiiiiisss stuffffffff)

So yes, overall, my physically condition is improving at a fairly rapid speed, and my mind is just soaring with goodness! I feel so much more re-centered around the things I want to be focused on (God, God, and more God), and couldn't be happier I've decided to take this break from Facebook and Instagram. (Although, there are sooo many things I want to share via IG. lol. Soon, soon.) It's been especially cool, because my The Human Body as a Machine and Health, Nutrition and Food courses via open2study are really interesting, and giving me a lot to learn/focus on. Yay for learning!

That's All For Now, 

just wanted to check in and tell you how great this experience of deactivating has been for me. If you're feeling overly-stimulated/stressed, I'd highly recommend taking a break from your online social life -- really helpful!

Looooove, love, love, love, love, love, loveeee to you all! Wish I could huggg you! Imagine that I am -- I am!!

Blessings, Love & Light



Sooo much good energy!!!!


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