Thursday, February 19, 2015

Deactivation Adventure: Days Six to Nine

I stopped doing daily reports on how My Deactivation Adventure was going, because it seems redundant to keep saying, "My health is improving slowly, but I'm still a bit sick, and I still really want to be able to go waste time on Facebook." Therefore, I took a break, and decided to write about some other stuff. But now I'm back to do a little update, since almost five more days have passed from the last little log.

I continue to miss Facebook 0%, but do still find myself wanting to go on it when I don't feel like doing any of the things I should do, or just want to kill a bit of time on the computer. However, whilst this may be what I'd really like to do, I press onward, happy as a clam without it, and though sometimes a little annoyed I can't, the feeling is fleeting, and I'm left turning to other, more productive things. Actually, I'm much happier this way.

Not enough days have passed without Facebook for me to forget about it entirely, and knowing I plan to reactivate it soon definitely doesn't help me "just forget about it". These factors considered, I'm not sure if this experiment will yield all the affects I want it to, but I could see how it would if this deactivation were to be for an extended period of time. Knowing this, I will likely give it a shot when my birthday has passed. Or, to be honest, the longer I go without it, and the closer the day approaches, the more I want to just skip right through my birthday comment blunder, and humble myself with some continued deactivation. (This being a result of the personal appreciation and love I'm gaining through not having Facebook to assist me in my self-assessment/daily judgement sessions. I find that I care less about seeing how many beautiful birthday notifications I get, because I am becoming more satisfied with myself in general, and therefore need the validation from/of others less. Which is awesome, because it was the intention! But I am starting to wonder if I'm becoming slightly more egotistical. To be discussed later...)

If I were planning to just leave my profile deactivated, not indefinitely, but nearly, I think it would free up a lot of mental space. I enjoy scrolling through the Newsfeed, popping open endless tabs of new photo montages, lists, articles, and trippy videos to sift through as much as the next person, but does that content actually enhance my life? Does it contribute any greatness that I could not otherwise achieve? I don't really think so. Because, while I may learn some things, a lot of it is simply reading for the sake of being up to date on the topic, and since I'm in the business of trying to live a passion-filled life, much of it is just a way to participate in conversations I don't really care about having in the first place. (No, I do not agree that by choosing to not watch the news I am choosing to be ignorant, just as little as I agree that I am choosing to be stupid and close-minded by focusing myself on absorbing things of interest. I am here to maximize life, and that means dedicating myself to my passions, not trying to fit into any group or society.)

So, in the end, this thing I thought I couldn't survive or stay connected without, isn't sending me into a panic attack about losing all my friends, or causing me to fear my family has no idea what's going on in my life, nor any of the other irrational things I could have anticipated upon deactivation. In fact, a few friends have already reached out via email or on the phone, because they wanted to send me a message but couldn't find me. Now these are the friends I'd like to keep around -- the ones who notice they can't get a hold of me with the quick, simple, ease of dropping a message on Facebook while they happen to be on the site, and actually make the effort to contact me in another way. The ones who want it badly enough, they're willing to work a slight bit more to make it happen.

Before, I wondered how I'd keep in touch with many of my friends without Facebook, since it's our main means of communicating. Well, now I see how, and now I do agree that the friends who you're meant to have, will be in your life with or without this Socially [Dis]Connecting Site no matter what. Yes, I can absolutely say, I'm a fan of the deactivation!

Give it a try if you so dare to, I promise it'll be quite revealing. ;-)

Sending love and light to you all, and wishing you a very blessed day!

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