Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deactivation Adventure: Day Four

I almost didn't write anything today, because I don't feel that much has changed since yesterday. I still think about going on Facebook when I "have nothing else to do," and especially since I spent today at home healing, it would have been nice to have it to fall back on to kill the time.

However, I am grateful I couldn't. Because, instead of wasting three hours on Facebook or posting things on Instagram, I watched two sermons from Elevation, saw Special Forces in French with Spanish subtitles, therefore practicing my Spanish and French (for the day I actually begin to seriously study it), which resulted in a MASSIVE crying fest, and ended with me begging God to help the world, and asking Him why people do such things to other humans (it was a really good film, in my opinion, and probably blended with my I'm-Sick-and-This-Is-the-First-Day-of-My-Period emotions perfectly), and then some girlfriends came over so I could paint their faces for Carnaval. Which I was supposed to go out and celebrate with them, but bailed out because of my health/the wind/the fact I don't like drinking outside with massive crowds of people. So here I am, writing to you all, and potentially sounding far more pathetic than I intended to. I'm happy, that's what counts. :)

I wouldn't say the urge to go on Facebook is less than yesterday, but definitely less than last night when I was pretty much shouting it to myself comically. There is nothing I miss about it, other than it's ability to fill the time when I want to be occupied, but not really do anything useful. And of course, the lingering curiosity to know how many notifications there are there. Although, since it's deactivated, people can't even access me. Hmm.. wow, this adds a whole new level of relaxation to it all!

Now, knowing that the notifications aren't building up, I am even less interested to go on it. I know there are none, so it's not as though I'm missing out on anything by not checking it. This is great! A whole nother bit of weight has just been lifted off! Kind of like the moment you go on holiday, and then it really hits you: you have no where to be, nothing to do, and are totally free to flow how you want to, until it's over! Ahhh, what a nice sense of relief!

This just keeps getting better and better! ;-)

Carnaval in Las Palmas Gran, Canaria, 2010

Blessings, Love & Light to you all
I adore you

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