Friday, February 13, 2015

Deactivation Adventure: Day Three, Part Two

This morning I wasn't even thinking about Facebook, and didn't have any interest in going on it. Well, now it's night, and that has changed.

I think it's because all morning/afternoon I was doing stuff around the house, off the computer, and not "where Facebook can be found" (I have long since deleted it from my mobile). But now that I've been doing things on the computer for the last couple hours, I've run out of things to look into for my future trips, and it's time to study a bit, I just keep saying, "I want to go on Facebook."

I've known for a long time that it was a page I would use to kill time and procrastinate, and now I am so glad I have eliminated the option for myself. It forces me to get over my procrastination faster, and on with the things I should do.

So thank you, Allison, for forcing yourself into higher levels of productivity. >.<

I love you, no matter what. (And I'm actually really glad we're doing this.)


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